About us

Bright Angels Christian School is situated on the same premises as Arua Pentecostal Church. The school was started when parents approached the church complaining that they were scraping together school fees to send their children to government schools where classroom sizes were so large that their children were not learning how to read and write. Parents asked the church to hire teachers for their children and they would pay school fees to the church to ensure that the children would learn to be literate.


When Mark and Sharon started working with the school, it had a very good reputation in the community for literacy but had no books.Through kind donations a library of resources for teachers and students has been established.


The school has grown immensely, with the help of Global Harvest Ministries. New classrooms have been constructed and furnished, to keep up with increasing enrollment. Construction continuesas finances become available.  

Donations of school supplies, curriculum, library books and sports equipment are accepted on a continuous basis for the development of the school.

Bright Angels Christian School
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