About us

Operation Barnabas Perpetual Bible School was established as an arm of Global Harvest Ministries International and Global Operation Philip Initiative Uganda. It was birthed because many senior Pastors leading churches had never been to Bible College and were unskilled in the Word. They were disconnected from other churches and ministers. It was decided to birth a perpetual Bible School where these students would remain in their pulpits, yet have the advantage of receiving instruction in the Word at their own pace. It also gives us the opportunity to connect and influence ministers and ministries regardless of their denominational affiliation or lack thereof, without us establishing yet another administrative body or denomination with all the responsibilities and demands.


Operation Barnabas provides teaching to Pastors who have signed on through notes, audio teachings on memory sticks and radios with USB capabilities. Audio lessons provided in part by Jerry Savelle Ministries Canada.

Operation Barnabas